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Reinventing the Tie without Upsetting the Dress Code

New Made in America Duets™ Ties Present a Fresh Twist on a Menswear Classic

NEW YORK, NY (January, 2020) -- One of the most enduring menswear staples, the standard tie, marks its latest evolution with the debut today of Duets™. One part color and one part pattern, Duets patented 2-in-1 tie-over-tie design opens the door to a whole new aesthetic in men’s neckwear, giving those who have a healthy respect for the American dress code permission to try something new without stepping outside of their comfort zone. And the best part is that men can embrace the new look without having to learn anything new, because Duets’ 4-in-hand knot ties like those of traditional

Marking the first major change to the standard tie silhouette since it was invented 90 years ago, Duets starts with a solid colored tie on the bottom and adds a layer of pattern and color on top, putting a fresh twist on this American classic unique combination, including stripes, polka dots and plaids, the debut collection offers an exciting new
neckwear option that instantly transforms the look of a suit and adds personality to casual attire.

Twenty years in the making, the Duets tie concept was co-invented by long-time friends, Brooklyn native, celebrated New York private eye and founder of Serving By Irving, Irving Botwinick, and Eugene Polanish, a leading cosmetics industry innovator. While their personal styles could not be more different, their mutual love of ties kept their dream of bringing Duets to market alive for more than two decades.

Botwinick, a self-described fashion industry outsider who has made a career of blending in to track down missing persons and serve New York’s most colorful characters, (his motto is, “if they’re alive we’ll serve them, if they’re dead we’ll tell you where they’re buried”) is convinced the world is ready for Duets. “Once they see these ties, men will be looking for reasons to dress up. They are bored of wearing the same old look. With Duets, they can show their style and personality without stepping out of their comfort zone.

According to University of Wisconsin-Madison fashion historian Beverly Gordon, Ph.D, ties have long served as a cultural barometer of American society, from the conservative styles at the start of the Industrial Era to the big and bold Jerry Garcia ties trending in the early 90s.

“In the 17th century, if you were a man in the aristocracy, there was no choice. You had to wear a cravat. No portrait was complete without this lace neckwear,” says Gordon. “Today, one could say we live in a Bull/Bear, Yin/Yang, Red/Blue age. Duets seems like a symbol of the eclectic, post-modern society we live in.” Gordon says that ties are the last great bastion of self-expression for men. “Duets offers men a long-awaited choice.

A fashion statement that is familiar yet fresh, it’s a double take; it can be two things at once. This is a concept today’s man can relate to Joe Mantegna Signature Collection





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