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What exactly is a DUETS Tie? 

It's simple. It is two beautifully handcrafted ties in one made in our hometown of New York, NY! From a recent Press Release: "Wide Side Right Side – a new men’s accessory company – has introduced a fresh, breezy design. DUETS are clever, creative hybrid ties. They combine a solid-color base with a matching patterned panel stitched to the front. No one has ever made a tie like this before – and nobody else is making one like it now."

Do I tie a DUETS tie like a normal tie? 

You sure do! The only difference is you will look much more handsome wearing a DUETS tie.  

Who is DUETS? 

Our Founder & CEO, Irving Botwinick, grew up in a Brooklyn housing project. Determined to escape poverty, he joined the United States Air Force at age 17, as an air policeman. 

After leaving the military, Botwinick worked as an insurance investigator and manager of a law firm. In 1977 he formed Serving By Irving, Inc. It soon became one of the most successful process serving companies in the country. Nearly four decades later, Serving By Irving is internationally known for its unique and successful investigations.

In 1989 Botwinick met Eugene Polanish. They shared a love for ties, and became partners in a company they named All Tied Up Ltd. Botwinick played a key role in redesigning Polanish’s original concept, and getting it patented.




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