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Duets is Keeping The Tie Alive!


Duets ties are keeping the tie alive

Photo Credit: Duets/Permissions: Anna Shryver, MAX Communications
Duets Ties

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"While ties may be waning in the workplace (including the Oval Office), they are waxing in the off-hours as hip Gen-Yers tie one on as their last bastion of personal expression. So, ties may be on life support in the workplace, but after hours, a whole new demographic of hip, young guys are wearing them to look cool on dates and at parties," notes Anna Schryver with MAX Communications who has recently completed research and case studies on this topic.

Putting a new spin on the traditional tie is Duets™ COO, Jonas Shapiro, who has much to say about this new product and what it stands for in the following interview.

You are the COO of Duets. What is your role in this innovative product and new company?

I manage all aspects of the business: design, wholesale, retail, website, e-commerce distribution and fulfillment, social media, marketing, customer service, product development and more. Needless to say it keeps me busy, but I love every minute of it.

In your opinion, is the Duets tie better than the classic style? Why?

Is it better? No I don’t think it’s necessarily better, but a very nice compliment to the traditional necktie. I think it gives a man another option in neck wear - which we haven’t seen since the bow tie was brought to market in the early 19th century. That's a really long time! I also love that our ties are Made in America at world class facility in Queens, New York. I am proud of that and I think my ancestors would be too. I come from a long line of merchants. 

When a man wears a Duets tie - what statement is he making about his style and his personality?

I think he might be saying, “I am tired of wearing the same tie everyday.” DUETS ties give you the chance to express yourself in a classic, fashionable and stylish way with unlimited choices. You can be bright and bold or more subdued with a classic Repp Stripe. It isn’t too risky, but gives you that flash of style and separates you from the crowd in a good way.

Do you consider this to be a good time for a revival in ties and can the everyday man pull this look off?

I think ties are making a comeback without a doubt. What is exciting about the revival of the tie though is that it is happening with the younger generation and demographic. Young men in their early 20’s are wearing ties when they go out now at night to dinner and to socialize just like our grandfathers did except they are wearing denim jackets and colorful shirts and pants. Everything is cyclical especially in fashion.

Where can people find Duets and what is next for this exciting new product?

We are currently offering our ties on www.tiesbyduets.com and have some orders in the works for retailers in the New York Metropolitan area. I hope to expand our distribution over the next few months. We are launching our new formal wear line in December 2013 and have a beautiful holiday themed tie we are launching on December 1st, 2013 with 25% off all proceeds going to the Make A Wish Foundation. We also have a new Spring 2014 line with brand new bold and colorful prints and colors that will launch on or around January 1st, 2014. My aim is to give our customer something new every month!


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