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As office dress codes loosened over the past decade, men took off their ties. But looking – and feeling – good are as important as ever.

Ties are back on the way in. But these are not your father’s ascots, bowties or bolos.

Wide Side Right Side – a new men’s accessory company – has introduced a fresh, breezy design. DUETS are clever, creative hybrid ties. They combine a solid-color base with a matching patterned panel stitched to the front. No one has ever made a tie like this before – and nobody else is making one like it now.

DUETS are two ties in one. The look is stylish, eye-catching – and catching on everywhere.

“This gives men new opportunities to express themselves,” says COO Jonas Shapiro. “We don’t have a lot of choices from a fashion perspective, especially when it comes to suits. We can change our socks or our tie, but that’s about it.”

DUETS can be worn traditionally, or tied loosely around the neck with the top shirt button unfastened, adds Shapiro. Formerly a Saks Fifth Avenue merchant, he has run men’s apparel and accessory divisions for Polo Ralph Lauren and Amazon.

Founder and tie aficionado Irving Botwinick worked on the “urbanaire” design for more than 20 years to perfect the patented design. Recently, he partnered with Golden Fleece Manufacturing to produce the product at its Queens, N.Y factory. Everyone associated with Wide Side Right Side has family “ties” to New York City, so they are especially proud to manufacture ties there.

The ties retail for $95, and are available on www.tiesbyduets.com, beginning July 15. They’ll also be sold on amazon.com, beginning in early Fall 2013. They are patented in the U.S., Canada, Europe and China.

DUETS offers 72 different styles, with more created each week. The corporation envisions working with the NFL, MLB and NBA on licensing opportunities – a navy blue background with the Yankees logo on front, for example. DUETS also plans to introduce matching pocket squares, a formal wear line, and ties for teenagers, children and women.

“People got bored with ties,” Botwinick says. “They got sick of the same pattern, the same look. With DUETS, you can use a tie pin or let the tie swing. You can play with it to fit your style and personality.”

Now DUETS are turning heads in “casual” offices too. “In today’s precarious job market, making a great first impression is key,” Shapiro says. “With our bold shades and intriguing patterns, you can pop any shirt with a DUETS tie.”

PRESS CONTACT: jonas@tiesbyduets.com or call 855-237-7700. 


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